What is a precatory?

A precatory is a judiciary bond, in which cities, including both the states and the unions, owe to the citizens who have won lawsuits against any of these organizations. So, you can buy these debts at a low cost and make a profit on your due date while always relying on the security that will be paid by the public agency responsible for issuing the title.



Due to the trading needs, a precatory title can be purchased with a low cost, further increasing your profit opportunities.

Government pays on time

The Government pays its debts on time, since they are considered to be federal precatory. The federal precatory of Food type presents a payment term which can vary from 18 to 30 months.


With a fixed income of 10% + IPCA-e (around 3%) per year, the investment becomes much more attractive than others.

How do earnings with precatory (or letter rogatory) work?

The nearer to the due date, the higher the value of the precatory to be received becomes. However, if you do not want to wait for the deadline, the precatory can be sold at any time for the price offered on the platform.

Every precatory has its monthly yield of 1.10%, based on the calculation of 10% fixed + IPCA-e, which is around 3%. At the end of the full term, this yield reaches a total of x%.

Profitability Calculator

Token Value: 1000 BRL
Profitability: 10%
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Example of Settlement Date

02/2020 Token Sale
04/2020 Date of Payment
05/2020 Expected Date for Settlement of Tokens
12/2020 Official Payment Date
01/2021 Official Date for Tokens Settlement
05/2021 Worst Token Settlement scenario

How to redeem my income?

Your entire balance can be redeemed at any time (subject to the conditions stipulated in the contract). The withdrawal is made in BRLS, a cryptocurrency that has its value linked to the Brazilian currency, the Real. Hence, one BRLS equals one Real.

This way, you (the investor) can easily decide whether to convert your balance to other cryptocurrencies or to cash out in the future.


Imagine that a citizen has filed a lawsuit against a government agency, whether municipal, state or federal, and has won this case. The Government is obliged to indemnify it, and therefore a debt known as the Precatory is generated. In short, the precatory is a payment order issued by the court, which guarantees the payment of these bonds by municipalities, states and the Union.
Just have an account registered with our Global Exchange. That way you just search for the title in the product list and make your purchase.
Yes, at any time you can log into our platform and trade your precatory title, however, the amount will match the time it were with you.
In addition to trading below their real market value, we have the annual yield on securities set at 10% + IPCA-e (around 3% for 2020).
The term of payment of precatories may vary according to their type. Federal food precatories, for example, range from 18 to 30 months.
Anyone who wants to diversify their medium/long term investment portfolio and wants a yield above the market average.
It's the cryptocurrency that brings its value linked to the fiduciary currency of Brazil, the Real. Each BRLS equals exactly R$1 (one Brazilian Real).
The moment the precatory is issued, the amount of the cause is accounted for in the public budget, so your investment becomes part of the municipal, state or even federal debt. The chance of default by the Government is diminishing every day, especially with the current situation of free market bias, advances in national and international agendas and the promotion of the economy and focus on extinction of some public offices, cost reduction and efficiency among other factors.