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Niobium Coin (NBC) is a utility token and fuel of BOMESP (Sao Paulo Corporate Virtual Currency Exchange). NBC was created by a solidity coding of the Ethereum platform smarts contracts. These contracts (Smarts Contracts) make cryptocurrency completely self-contained and do not require any human intervention and are extremely resistant to malicious attacks or external manipulation.

The main services provided by BOMESP will be charged through Niobiums, which will guarantee the use of the currency, as well as the platform will allow its users to practice millions of virtual currency trading operations per second.

BOMESP is a complete ecosystem for companies and entrepreneurs who use technology for business. With the spread of this new way of generating wealth and prosperity, such as BOMESP’s swap operations, the costs are now even lower, allowing its users to use millions of operations per second. This enables the circulation of cryptoactive ones. Tokenize your idea right now with the help of BOMESP.