BOMESP Launchpad

A token launch platform for corporate project


Invest in a precatory of a country with a pro-business economy and constant growth

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The first Brazilian tuna fishing project in Blockchain.

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Digital Asset Exchange


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Niobium Coin

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Brazilian Real Stable

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Anti-Bureaucracy Coin

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CriptoHub Coin (CHBR)

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Crypto Market Ads

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NFX Coin

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Pundi X

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The Niobium Coin (NBC)

The BOMESP's currency

Niobium Coin (NBC) is the official utility token of the Sao Paulo Corporate Virtual Currency Exchange (BOMESP) and was created within Ethereum's smart contract technology to be the fuel of our platform, kicking off the whole project. Its name refers to niobium, a rare and noble metal, which is abundant in Brazil. NBC's use is guaranteed as on our platform most services will be traded in Niobiuns, while the currency is paired with other currencies.

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